Centreville Volunteer Fire Department Members

The Centreville Volunteer Fire Department is governed by an elected President, Operational Fire Chief, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 6 Board members. Board members sit for a 2-year term and officers are appointed annually.

2017 Administrative Officers
Marva Williams - President Sean Smith - Secretary
Phil Sica - Vice President Matthew Lannon - Treasurer
Board of Directors
Phil Sica - 2015-2017 Judy Kostelnik - 2015-2017
Steve Balk - 2016-2018 Michael Wendt - 2016-2018
Todd Horacek - 2017-2019 John Phillips - 2017-2019
2017 Operational Volunteer Officers
Chief Jeff Sargent Assistant Chief Michael Wendt
Captain L. Joseph Dumas Lieutenant Phil Sica
Sergeant Scott Robinson Sergeant Steve Balk