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Tuesdays and Saturdays
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Treasure Chest Raffle

Pattern: T in any direction w/ 4 corners free
Card: $2 per sheet - sold only at the cashier counter until end of the 1st intermission
Keys: 15 possible keys, ONE working key

The Treasure Chest Progressive is a 'T' in any direction w/ 4 corners free. The winner of this game will have the opportunity to pick a key to our Treasure Chest to win the Progressive amount. If more than one person wins the game, each person will select a key and all of those keys will be tried. If any of the multiple winner keys opens the Chest, the winners will split the Progressive amount. Consolation amount is $100 (split if more than one player). If the key(s) does not open the Chest, the key(s) will be returned to bag for next bingo session.
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